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Compaq, Switch Global, Vadodara 2016
Compaq, Switch Global, Vadodara 2016

Compaq International (P) Limited, established in the year 1997 entered into the business of low voltage & medium voltage cable management products. They are engaged in development, manufacturing & marketing of Heat Shrink-Cold shrink Joints & Terminations, Composite Polymeric Insulators, Polymeric Lightning/Surge Arrester & other associated electrical products for power distribution.

For Compaq, we erected a stall at Switch Global, Vadodara 2016, measuring 12m x 6m. It was a highly spacious and a strategically designed, product oriented stall. We built various individual wall mounted display panels that facilitated product displays and one huge demo machine display mounted on the wall; and corresponding frontlit posters depicting detailed information were displayed.

Arrangements were made for lounges and few open discussion spaces within the stall. To complement the absolutely well organised set-up, there were a set of glow supports (lighting) that beautified the stall and its products were eloquently highlighted. It was a self-contained stall and the efforts of team Black Pepper were apparent!