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Decora Group

Decora Group, Property Fair, Rajkot, 2011
Decora Group, Property Fair, Rajkot, 2011
Decora Group, Property Fair, Rajkot, 2011

Decora is a brand that has set its benchmark in quality commitment and innovative design in the real estate scenario of the city. Their beautiful executions of projects are well known. Decora is a classic project of the 'Ladani Group'. The stall we set up for them had to create an impact for the visitors who would be able to correlate to the standards of Decora.

In Rajkot 2010, Gujarat, we created a 1200sqm. stall with the area that was provided to us. In total there were 6 separate principles to display their projects. Each principle was beautifully placed to enhance the look and feel of the company's projects. The colour brown was the dominating colour for the stall.

The most challenging and fun part about this stall was that the exhibition had to go live within three days and proved to be a huge success in no time. We had a team of 50 people working on this project, who made every effort to ensure a successful show for Decora.