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Sopariwala Exports

Sopariwala, Tab Expo, London 2015
Sopariwala, Tab Expo, London 2015
Sopariwala, Tab Expo, London 2015

Sopariwala Exports Pvt. Ltd. had marked its first step in the tobacco industry in the year 1927 and is a one of the leading exporters of tobacco for over 8 decades. They have expanded their scope of clients throughout several continents like Asia, Gulf, Europe and America owing to newer products which are tailor-made solutions to cater to the needs of the clients globally.

We crafted for them a 10m x 8m. entirely glass made system stall. It was a meticulously executed stall with attention paid to the minutest of details. An inbuilt storage and meeting rooms were provided to facilitate smooth functioning of the live Hookah display, which grabbed the most attention.

Heavy branding was reflected throughout the stall especially through the customized posters that promoted the various flavours the company offers and the feel of tobacco was represented in the design of the posters. The subtle stall was a great success as the smartly placed lighting and the classic aroma made the showcase even more persuasive.