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Pioma, CPhI, Mumbai, 2010
Pioma, CPhI, Mumbai, 2010

Pioma Chemicals is a vertically integrated company with established research, manufacturing and marketing capabilities across multi-therapeutic domains. Today Pioma Chemicals is a leading distributor & supplier of Speciality Excipients & Functional Ingredients to the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Personal Care, Food& Allied Industries across India. Over a period of two decades, Pioma Chemicals has got into partnership with over 20 globally reputed international companies for the supply of over 2000 products ranging from Functional Excipients to Actives.

An excellent and elegant laminate finish stall was created by team Black Pepper for Pioma at CPhI Mumbai, 2010, measuring 15m x 8m. The entrance was arc shaped and branding was exquisitely highlighted by the hanging logo on the fascia. Huge posters adorned the stall and they impressively described the work and products of the company in detail, making it a smooth walkthrough for the visitors.

The stall contained of open discussion areas and a huge bar counter for the convenience and hospitality of the visitors. It was a self-contained stall and the efforts of team Black Pepper were noticeable!